For startups

We support startups through every stage—starting with formation, fundraising, hiring, and compliance, all the way to business operations and exits like M&As. We get it - we're entrepreneurs too and nobody likes unexpected bills. So, we offer different billing options like flat fees and monthly packages. 

Startup Launch Package

Start your business the right way.

Incorporation of your business entity 
Issuing equity
Appointing directors & officers
Assigning IP
Helping with 83(b) elections
Getting an EIN
Setting up an Equity Incentive Plan for your team
Preparing a data room for investor due diligence
Preparation of bylaws
Preparation of action by incorporator
Forms of the consulting agreement  (for consultants) and the offer letter & confidentiality & IP assignment agreement (for employees)
Pitch deck checklist

Fractional General Counsel (GC)

Think of us as your savvy business partner but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time legal counsel. Run your ideas, goals, and documents by us. We’ll handle your legal and compliance needs, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your business. 

Issuing equity to employees, consultants, and advisors
Negotiating term sheets, SAFEs, convertible notes, and equity financing documents 
Drafting commercial agreements and NDAs
Crafting employment, consulting, and advisor agreements
Assisting foreign companies entering the U.S. market
Mergers and acquisitions  
Filing Form D with the SEC 
Making state “blue sky” filings
Reviewing pitch decks and connecting founders with resources and contacts

SAFE / Convertible Note Financing

Raise your round of VC financing with confidence, ensuring all legal bases are covered. We will help:

Decide between SAFE and convertible note
Prepare a SAFE (pre-money or post-money, with valuation cap / discount / MFN) or convertible note
Prepare Board consent approving the financing
Draft a side letter: investors often request pro rata and/or information rights
Ensure compliance with securities laws. We will make Blue sky filings or Form D once the financing is complete
Optional: Draft a term sheet summarizing the key terms, and prepare a Token warrant if desired.
$3k to $7k - Get started
Depending on the form of SAFE/ note, the number of side letters, and extent of the legal due diligence

Startup IP & Data Package

Our Startup IP & Data package offers the essential registrations, policies, and agreements to build a strong foundation for your startup.

Trademark Registration. Your trademark is your brand identity. It's how your customers recognize you. We'll run trademark checks to spot conflicts with existing marks and handle all the paperwork with the US Patent & Trademark Office.
Privacy Policy. Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses. From website analytics to customer info, you need a sound legal framework for handling data. We'll tailor a Privacy Policy that aligns with relevant privacy laws, giving you and your customers peace of mind.
Terms of Use OR Licensing Agreements (your choice). Whether you're in tech or not, it's crucial to ensure your website and proprietary software are used as intended. We'll prepare either a Terms of Use for your website or an End User Licensing Agreement for your software, setting out the dos and don'ts that other people and businesses must abide by in order to use your website or software. These agreements make sure that you have legal recourse in the event of misuse that harms your business, and are appropriately protected from liability for misuse by others.
$3.3 k - Get started
You'll save over $1000 by choosing our package at $3.3k (+$250 for each class registration in trademark filing), compared to the $4k cost if you purchase each service separately.

Trademark Registration

Protect your brand from impostors and prevent confusion with competitors. 

Trademark checks to identify any conflicts with existing marks
Take care of all the paperwork with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

“Kristina has been an invaluable partner to my VC fund. Her expertise and dedication have been instrumental every step of this journey. She displayed exceptional efficiency and creativity in executing the fund formation process, ensuring it was not only prompt but also tailored to my needs and the needs of my LPs.

Kristina has also played a vital role in managing relationships within my LP network, coordinating with the fund administrator, and ensuring legal compliance. She works crazy fast while keeping all the details in check, and maintains a great sense of humor through it all!”

Oliver Cameron
General Partner, Reasons to Be Optimistic

"Kristina is my thought partner with a legal brain honed by her extensive experience working with startup founders. She is both a legal counsel and a friend, helping me navigate the complexities of being a founder and an investor. I highly recommend her for both personal legal needs and startup-related issues."

Alan Chiu
Co-Founder & CEO of Enya Labs, Co-Founder of Boba Network, and President of Stanford GSB Alumni Association. 

"From the moment we launched our startup, Kristina has been an invaluable partner. I first worked with her at Cooley, and when it came time to kick off my second venture, there was no question about who I'd turn to for legal advice. Kristina has expertly steered us through a maze of legal complexities—issuing stock awards, crafting commercial agreements, and guiding us through fundraising. At each critical juncture in our startup's journey, she's been the steady hand we needed. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Rima Seiilova-Olson
Co-founder & CEO of Tenvos

"I came across Kristina on TikTok and binged her content while researching ways to launch my startup. When it was time to incorporate, I opted for her startup package. Collaborating with Kristina and her team has been incredibly smooth, simplifying the processes and has enabled me to confidently concentrate on other aspects of setting up my business."

Spencer Park
Founder of Direct Crops, Inc.

"I worked with Kristina to handle the trademark filing for my company. She made the whole process incredibly easy. Kristina has a remarkable understanding of trademark law, making the entire process a breeze. Her prompt communication and clear explanations ensured I was always in the loop, which was incredibly reassuring. Kristina's attention to detail and commitment to our success were evident throughout the application process, resulting in the approval of our trademark. I couldn't recommend Lawlace more for their expertise and exceptional service."

Ruffin Mitchener
Investor @ Wischoff Ventures and Creator with 20M Views on TikTok

"Kristina and her team were invaluable in helping us with the intricacies and details around fund compliance and filings. She and her team were responsive and communicated clearly and regularly to keep us informed, provide advice and recommendations, and solicit feedback when needed to take action.

Because of Kristina and her team, we were able to focus on what we do best - fundraising, deploying, and interacting with our LPs and portfolio companies, knowing that the legal back office components were being handled.

This is the 2nd firm where we have had the pleasure in working with Kristina and am looking forward to a long term relationship that is not only cost effective, but pleasant as well."

Balaji Gopinath
General Partner, Kubera Venture Capital

"After getting familiar with Kristina and her perspectives on company formations, I recognized numerous legal mistakes I had made as a first-time founder. As part of the process to set up my new ventures, I decided to invest in the Startup Launch Package. As an experienced founder, I was determined to navigate the process in a better way this time. Thanks to Kristina's expert guidance, I'm confident that my businesses are correctly structured for sustainable success."

Chris K.
Serial e-commerce entrepreneur

“Kristina was very detailed and timely in helping me navigate an LP’s requested red lines and side letter as they onboarded into The Council Fund. Being able to respond to the LP thoughtfully but quickly to keep momentum going on the deal was important. Kristina was the perfect partner to work with on the backend. She was also up front and honest about cost, something I haven’t seen from many lawyers in the past. I would definitely work with her again!” 

Amber Illig
General Partner of The Council Fund 

“Starting a business is already overcomplicated, and on top of that, we have to deal with things like company structure, employee contracts, partnerships, and investors. It's not just about building a business from scratch; we also need to make sure all our documents are correct. Honestly, as founders, we often don't know how to handle all of this, especially with limited funds.

I've known Kristina for about a year now, and she's been taking care of all our business contracts with clients, investors, partners, and everyone else we work with. Working with her gives me confidence because she's not only highly knowledgeable but also fast, offers fair prices, and can handle any situation a startup might encounter. Every contract she prepares is flawless. She takes the time to explain all the details and ensures you understand everything before signing. I wholeheartedly recommend her services!”

Daniele De Mari
Founder, CEO of Neurogram

“Working with Kristina at Lawlace was the best early decision for my startup. She made complex topics simple, was very responsive, and introduced me to her network of accounting and tax specialists. The startup package covered everything I needed, and the pricing was clear and affordable. It felt like having a friend in the legal world. Highly recommend her and Lawlace if you're starting a business and need solid legal help.”

Peter Heimerdinger
SMB Investor & Founder

“Big fan of Kristina and her team! She incorporated my company GC AI and got our stock plan done perfectly in record time. As a lawyer myself, I know how important it is to get these things right, and I wanted someone I could trust. Kristina dove in, got it done, then helped me strategize about fundraising timing and even positioning. She responds quickly and is all around great to have on your side. Highly recommend, particularly at the earliest days and pre-seed.”

Cecilia Ziniti
Founder & CEO, GC AI

"The 'lace' part evokes a sense of intricacy and detail, qualities highly valued in legal work."

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